ony Rich

Silly Man

If You're An Angel


 Artist:Tony Rich Project


Title:Silly Man


So you fear

That I'll leave you

That I'll change my mind and walk away

But I found you

So I'll bake you a chocolate cake

Do you know

That I love you

By the way I look into your mind

I surrender my heart

With a teary eye


Take your hands

And place 'em all around my ears

Take my heart

And hook it up to your veins

Well, we're as one, u and me

A silly man


So my dear

Please forgive me

For the situation that I'm in

'Cause I promise that it's over

It's in the wind

Reach for me

And I'll catch you

You can have wings as long as I'm with you

Don't fly away, not away

At least not alone


When we fly high

We fly higher than the highest kite

Over mountains

Where non-believers in disguise hide

We're so silly

Making faces just to make a smile

Ain't no doubt about it babe

We're like no others, u and me

A silly man


Take my heart and use it

I wanna keep u, I wanna love u

I'll be more than consistent

I'll make it better

If u would never, never leave me


So we're friends

And we made a special commitment

So now we're lovers

And we vow to never let it end

So we love each other

So we make love like instruments

Under covers

We listen to

A silly man


Artist:Tony Rich Project


Title:If You're An Angel


Sittin' alone in my bedroom

Missin' your every touch

I smell your perfume

My skin is warm

But it's cold in here

And every now and then

I find a strand of your hair


Remember when we cried all nite

And I saw God in your eyes

If you're an angel

Then let me fly

If I'm your baby

Then turn my grey skies to blue


I was so destined to have you

But sometimes I regret how deep I feel in love

'Cause I built my whole life around you

Now you're gone

And my world is fallin' down


Remember when I tried to kiss you

And you said you had to leave

If you're an angel

Then let me fly

If I'm your baby

Then turn my grey skies to blue


There is no livin' without here

There can be no heaven

Too much to fear

What if I told you, I would die

If you didn't come back in my life

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