And Our Feelings

You Were There

The Day

Everytime I Close My Eyes

When Your Body Gets Weak

When Can I see You Again


CD:For The Cool In You

Title:And Our Feelings



We fell in love And who could blame us

The word was we were just beside ourselves

And everybody said it wouldn't last

Now they wonder

Why we didn't last

We fell in love

It seemed so righteous

Couldn't compare our love to no one else

And everybody thought we could not win

It's no wonder

Love came to an end



And our feelings

Just aren't feelings anymore

They're just words that come from whispers

From people we don't know

Just aren't feelings anymore

They're just words without emotion

From people who don't know


We fell apart

The bond was broken

Should've kept our thoughts between ourselves

And though they say they cared

They didn't help

Makes me wonder

Should we blame ourselves

So here we are

Broken hearted

What in the world have we done to ourselves

When everybody says to let it end

It makes me wonder

We can't let them win




If we'd only just try we could make it by

And maybe in time we could make it right

If we only had done what we shoulda done

We'd both be here still making love

I wanna know that, that we can go back

Back to a time when the lovin' was all that

When no one could come between our love





CD:Simon Birch Soundtrack

Title:You Were There


Time passes, the world changes

But I'm still the same ole' kid

and your jokes still bring me laughter

As if you still were here

And it hurts, when i smile

'cause my heart still remembers

when you were around



'Cause you were there

when no one was

just when I thought nobody cared

you showed me love

'cause you were my friend

you always told me

and i am still here

because you were there


So precious, small treasures

A time when truth was innocent

True friendship, was all we were after

A place where kids could still be kids

and it hurts, but I'm glad

'cause at least i was blessed to have you as my friend




You're my best friend

And there are no accidents

God has a plan for everyone

And he brought you in my life

To show me what a true friend was





CD:The Day

Title:The Day


'Twas late December the news came

And I got so excited, I cried all day

And you were such a lovely, precious sight

When I saw our baby in your eyes



It was like falling deep in love

I heard the angels cry above

I felt a blessing straight from God

The day that you gave me a son


I called 'bout everyone I knew

Just think, I'll be a father 'cause of you

There's no greater love than what you gave

A brand new baby on the way




Oh such tears of joy, I've never known

I can't remember

It's like a song, I've never heard

I've never sung, but know the words





CD:The Day

Title:Everytime I Close My Eyes


Girl it's been a long, long time comin'

But I, I know that it's been worth the wait

It feels like springtime in winter

It feels like Christmas in June

It feels like heaven has opened up

its gates for me and you

And you've hot me too



Every time I close my eyes

I thank the lord that I've got you,

and you got me too

And every time I think of it

I pinch myself 'cause

I don't believe it's true

That someone like you

Loves me too


Girl I think that you're truly somethin'

And you're you're every bit of

a dream come true

With you baby, it never rains

and it's no wonder

The sun always shines when I'm near you

It's just blessing that I have found

somebody like you




To think of all the nights

I've cried myself to sleep

You really oughta know

how much you mean to me

It's only right that you be

in my life right here with me

Oh baby, baby




Artist:Babyface w/Boyz II Men

CD:The Day

Title:When Your Body Gets Weak


Tonight I'm gonna hold you

I'm gonna touch you, and lay you down

Tonight I'm gonna kiss you

I'm gonna taste you, all the way down

Tonight you don't have to be lonely

You need only to call me, and I will be down



When your body gets weak

And you need some affection, oh baby

I'll lay you down

When your body's in need

And you need some attention, oh lady

I'll lay you down


Tonight when I've been inside you

I'll lay down beside you, and stay all night long, yes I will

Tonight I just want you to teach me

Girl I just wanna please thee

So just let's get it on baby

Tonight there be no intermissions

I have only one mission

That's turning you on




Tonight you don't have to be lonely

You need only to call me

And I will be down





CD:For The Cool In You

Title:When Can I See You Again


When can my heart beat again

When does the pain ever end

When do the tears stop from running over

When does "you'll get over it" begin

I hear what you're saying

But I swear that it's not making sense

So when can I see you



When can I see you again

When can my heart beat again

When can I see you again

When can I breathe once again

And when can I see you


When does my "someday" begin

When I'll find someone again

And what if I still am not truly over

What am I supposed to do then, babe...

Do you see what I'm saying

Even if, if it's not making sense

So when can I see you




Yeah, baby

Do you see what I'm saying

Even if, if it's not making sense, baby

So when can I see you again




Wanna see you again



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